GPAC Release 0.4.4

New features in this long-awaited release:

  • Initial Symbian support for GPAC
  • Massive memory optimizations for the 2D renderer and SVG scenes
  • Better LASeR support
  • ALSA output module
  • Linux DVB support
  • JPEG-2000 support through OpenJPEG library
  • Major improvements in the SAX parser
  • Support for multiple RTSP session per SDP
  • Global log system
  • mp4_streamer, a simple uni/multicaster for MP4/3GP files, working without hint tracks. This tool van also be used to simulate DVB-H service bursts
  • mp42ts, a draft MPEG-2 TS multiplexer. The multiplexer only supports MPEG-2 Video, MPEG-1 video and MPEG-1 audio. It is capable of outputing to a file or to a rtp/udp port. The source programs can either be local ISO Media files or SDP files describing a uni/multicast already setup (no RTSP support).
  • And of course the usual lot of bug fixes and other improvements …

Check the complete changelog.