Internship: next-generation video streaming analyzer (Paris, France)

GPAC is a Free Software multimedia framework. The project covers different aspects of multimedia, with a focus on multimedia packaging and presentation technologies (graphics, animation, interactivity, VR). We provide popular packagers, streamers and players on

The GPAC team builds tomorrow multimedia standards. The GPAC team is renowned for its participation in standards (ISO/MPEG, W3C, etc.). GPAC is the reference software for some core multimedia technologies and drives innovative technologies (scalable and interactive video, etc.).

The internship aims at exploring the CMAF standard. CMAF aims at unifying all the existing video streaming formats and is backed by Apple and Microsoft. The role of the intern is to participate in the development of a CMAF validation service.

The intern will have to:

  • Extract some validation rules from the standard.
  • Add the rules to an existing validation engine.
  • Generate associated test vectors validating and violating the rules.
  • Submit feedback to the standards group with one of its co-chair.
  • Possibly improve the UI of the validation service


  • Fluent in written English.
  • Basic understanding of multimedia content
  • Ability to extract information from complex documents
  • Basic experience with multimedia tools such as ffmpeg or vlc
  • Basic knowledge of XML and JavaScript
  • No extensive programming experience is required as the current engine is based on rules

This internship is based in Paris, France.

To apply, send an email to with:

  • Your resume.
  • What you’re interested in.
  • Why we should take you.
  • References if any (github and personal repository highly appreciated).