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W3C and MPEG-U Widgets

The GPAC team has been working on widgets standards such as W3C WPC or MPEG-U. We have made some videos demonstrating what can be done in GPAC with these technologies. These videos show:

Let us know if you have comments on our forums.

GPAC migrates from CVS to SVN

The CVS repository has been disabled. Please checkout the new SVN repository with the following command-line:

[DEPRECATED] svn co gpac

PS: use instead:

svn co svn:// gpac

GPAC 0.4.5 released

Many new features in this new release:

  • Massive improvements of the SVG support – checkout the W3C SVG Implementation Report
  • Integrated 2D/3D renderer with support for mixed 2D/3D drawing (documents mixing BIFS, SVG, VRML/X3D)
  • Support for 3GPP DIMS (hinting, streaming and file playback).
  • Support for AC3 muxing in ISO Media and AC3 decoding in GPAC
  • Added support for MPEG-4 over MPEG-2 systems (T-DMB)
  • Improvements on Symbian version
  • And many small fixes and improvements in MP4Box and GPAC clients