This part of the GPAC Web Site is dedicated to content authoring, available tools and other useful resources to create content. Currently only BIFS content creation is discussed, but more standards will soon follow (SVG, LASeR).

Multimedia Standard technologies are useless without an active content authors community. We will therefore not let you wander through the complex realm of multimedia authoring without a safe place to rest, gather your ideas and meet other pioneers. If the tutorials, demos and case studies given here are not enough, feel free to expose your problems in ourAuthoring Forum.

Also remember to carefully look at the supported features page to be sure you’re not using unsupported features.

Available BIFS Tools

There are several tools available for BIFS content creation (MPEG-4 reference software, IBM tools or ENVIVIO tools), but the current practice is to use a text editor and a MP4Box.

BIFS Tutorials

There are very few tutorials on XMT-A and MPEG-4 authoring available on the internet, and we are therefore very pleased to give you a step-by-step introduction to MPEG-4. The following tutorial has been written for ENST’s student in 2002, and has slowly been updated to the current stage.

This tutorial will be rewritten in the near future, so do not hesitate to send back comments, feedback, requests on this topic.

BIFS Tutorial in English

BIFS Tutorial in French