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The web is full of audiovisual, SVG and VRML content, but only a few sites propose BIFS content. Apart from the demos hosted on this site, you may find the following links useful.

MPEG4 Systems content


A rather complete mapping of DVD interactivity to the BIFS standard, under GPL license.

MPEG-4 Systems Conformance Streams

Telecom ParisTech is currently hosting a large repository of conformance streams for MPEG-4 Systems. These streams may proove extremely usefull but may as well be a complete waste of time, authoring simplicity being not required for MPEG-4 conformance tests!

Although no awards apply in this domain, as MPEG-4 experts (and not as sales people ūüôā ) we suggest looking at the GREAT test sequences from IBM in these packages, many of whom have been intensively used for the GPAC renderer optimizations.

Commercial and educational MPEG-4 Systems Content

Telecom ParisTech has a nice set of examples available, although some are rather old and were designed to be playable, coping with rendering bugs of players available at those prehistoric times.

And of course there are plenty of simple Audio/Video content out there you can look for on the web.

SVG Content (Full, Mobile, Basic, Tiny)

A lot of SVG content is available on the Internet. If you are an SVG beginner, you should start with the SVG 1.1 test suite.

Some very nice cliparts are also available on mozilla web site.

VRML and X3D content

A lot of VRML/X3D content is available on the Internet. If you are a VRML/X3D beginner, you should start with the NIST vrml conformance files and the Web3D X3D resource page.

MPEG-4 Streaming resources

Telemak has kindly setup live broadcasts of 3GP content that you can try with GPAC (for audio, you will need to install the 3GP AMR plugin).

The Internet Movie Archive has a lot of video ressources, including both HTTP and RTSP MPEG-4 files. To play the streaming files, you will have to save the QT link as an HTML page and get the RTSP url in the QTSRC attribute of the EMBED element. You can then open this URL with GPAC.

To play the following RTSP presentations, copy and paste the URL in GPAC (Osmo4 or MP4Client).

Wire on Fire artists have setup several MPEG-4 broadcasts:

Epic records has couple of streaming files to test:

Apple Quicktime has setup a video gallery: