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MP4 demuxer examples

Dear followers,

At the request of some people, we have added to GPAC some sample applications demonstrating how to use GPAC to demux MP4 files. They are not full applications, just examples taking some MP4 files as input and displaying some information about the media samples contained in the file.

So far, we have added 3 sample applications:

  • a basic demuxer called ‘bmp4demux’ capable of reading and dispatching media access units from fragmented or non-fragmented MP4 files, progressively (i.e. while the file is being written);
  • a segment based demux called ‘segmp4demuxer‘ capable of dispatching media units from media segments, where the input data is framed.  This is what is used for the DASH support;
  • and a more advanced demuxer, called ‘fmp4demux’ capable of dispatching media units in streaming mode (i.e. reclaiming resources once media units have been dispatched), where the input data comes from fragmented mp4 but is not framed, i.e. the data in the buffer passed to the demuxer does not start or end at segment or fragment boundaries.

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