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Live DASH audio/video encoder: DashCast

Dear GPAC users,

We’ve just released a new application which might be of interest to some (hopefully many) of you. It’s called DashCast. It’s an application which allows you to:

  1. transcode a live/non-live stream in multiple qualities (eg. bitrate and resolution).
  2. segment a continuous stream in small chunks and packetize them for delivery via Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) standard.

For more information, check out the dedicated page.

Deferred rendering in GPAC

⚠ The content of this page may be outdated.
Please refer to this page for more up to date information:


Since revision 2028 of the source code, the GPAC player can render content in a special mode called “defer-debug”. In this mode, only the rectangular regions of the window that have changed since the previous frame are drawn in each frame. To enable this mode, you need to modify the GPAC configuration file (i.e. GPAC.cfg or .gpacrc), by setting the DrawMode to “defer-debug” in the Compositor section. Continue reading Deferred rendering in GPAC

GPAC 0.5.0

Release 0.5.0 of GPAC is finally out, with many new features and bug fixes, including:
– MPEG-DASH and HLS support (players and MP4Box)
– MPEG-U Widgets and UPnP support in the player
– Stereo and multiview display support
– Better AVC and SVC support including OpenSVC decoder integration
– More live tools: RTP, MPEG-TS, T-DMB support, scene encoders (BIFS and RME/DIMS)
– iOS and Android support
– and many other good things

Find out more at

Enjoy and spread the news!


We have a few R&D positions opening this spring (home networking, hybrid broadcast/brodband delivery, next-generation TV services…), so feel free to contact us if you are interested (M.Sc. or equivalent, PhD candidates welcome).


DASH Streaming Support

NOTE: This post is not the most up-to-date documentation of DASH support in GPAC. For the latest information on DASH, check out these pages:

We have been updating the support for DASH Streaming (ISO/IEC 23009-1) in GPAC as of revision 3849. The update covers both content generation tools and player, and both DASH and HLS support.

For more details on what is DASH and HTTP streaming, please refer to this post. Continue reading DASH Streaming Support