GPAC Installers

Current release

The current GPAC release is 0.7.0 (from april 2017), with installers available for Windows 32 bits, Windows 64 bits, Debian Linux 32 bits, Debian Linux 64 bits, iOS (needs re-signing for your device), Android. The  source code for this release is available as a zip or tar.gz archive.

Nightly builds

GPAC is built according to continuous development concepts. It means that each installer has been tested. You can check out our nightly builds for development versions.

There are tested automatically and should be considered safe for most users who need the latest features. If you encounter any issue, please report on github.

Note: iOS build is for iOS platform, starting from iOS 8.0. Be aware you have to sign the main executable (i.e. by your own means.


GPAC is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.  GPAC Licensing, service dedicated to the professional users of the GPAC open-source project, offers different formulas to license GPAC software. For more info on commercial licensing and professional support, please contact GPAC Licensing team.

GPAC source code

GPAC is updated on a day-to-day basis. The latest version is the development version. It is available on GitHub:

Supported platforms are:

  • Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
  • All GCC+X11 or GCC+SDL platofrms
  • iOS >= 4.2,
  • Android >= 2.1,
  • Symbian 9 for GPAC <= 0.4.5
  • Windows Mobile for GPAC < 0.5.0

GPAC third-party libraries

GPAC is only fully functional when compiled with several third-party libraries (media codecs, ECMAScript, Font engine, …). Features of GPAC are limited without them. The source code for these third-party libraries is made available here (check README instructions), compilation instructions (sometimes complex) are in the archive.

Building GPAC

For windows users, the instructions to compile it are available here.

For Linux users, instructions are here.

For Mac OS X users, instruction are here.

For Android users, instruction are here.