GPAC Filters branch

Here you can find the latest binary builds of the filters branch of gpac (more info on our wiki).

/!\ Due to difficulties in the migration of our download server, binaries installers are currently unavailable. Service should resume soon, please check back this page.

In the meantime you can find backups of the latest installers for the filters branch here.

Windows 32 bits

Windows 64 bits

Mac OS X 64 bits

These installers are built for 64-bits OSX version 10.11 and above:

Linux x86 32 bits

These debian packages are compatible with 32-bits Linux (built for Ubuntu 16.04):

Linux x86 64 bits

These debian packages are compatible with 64-bits Linux (built for Ubuntu 16.04):


These builds are for Android platform, starting from Android 4.0.


These builds are for iOS platform, starting from iOS 8.0. Be aware you have to sign the main executable (i.e. by your own means :