About us

The GPAC story

GPAC is an open-source software dedicated to rich-media and broadcast technologies. It was born as a startup in New York City in 2000, went open-source in 2003 (check this old FAQ and where we are now according to openhub !), and since then gets regular focus and awards from the open-source, academic, standardization and professional worlds.

It features the MP4 reference muxer MP4Box, and many other tools. You can find more on this web site and on the GPAC wiki.

GPAC is actually mainly hosted and made possible by Telecom Paris, one of the best technological universities of Paris, France, and has been actively supported by French and EU research programs. Kudos to them (and to the great open-source projects GPAC relies on)!

People @ GPAC

The project is hosted at Telecom Paris (also known as ENST or Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications), leading French engineering school, located in Paris. Current main contributors of GPAC are:

  • Jean Le Feuvre
  • Romain Bouqueau
  • Aurélien David
  • Cyril Concolato

Other (current or past) contributors can be found here.

The GPAC project is a long-term effort and we welcome any help that could ease our task.

  • If you wish to contribute to GPAC development,
  • If you have some time to comment and enhance our tutorials,
  • If you have any great idea we haven’t thought of,

then contact us!

For more info on commercial licensing, please contact Motion Spell.