About us

The GPAC story

GPAC is an open-source software dedicated to rich-media and broadcast technologies. It was born as a startup in New York City in 2000, went open-source in 2003, and since then gets regular focus and awards from the open-source, academic, standardization and professional worlds.

It features the MP4 reference muxer MP4Box, and many other tools. You can find more on the GPAC tools page. It contains more than 650000 lines of code, and its website has been hit over 3 300 000 times during the last year.

GPAC is actually mainly hosted and made possible by Telecom ParisTech, one of the best technological universities of Paris, France. Kudos to them (and more below)!

People @ GPAC

The project is hosted at Telecom ParisTech (also known as ENST or Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications), leading French engineering school, located in Paris. Current main contributors of GPAC are:

  • Jean Le Feuvre
  • Cyril Concolato
  • Romain Bouqueau

Other (current or past) contributors are:

  • Jérôme Gorin
  • Arash Shafiei
  • Viet Tran Trung Nguyen
  • Pierre Souchay (Vizion’R)
  • Jean-Claude Moissinac
  • Jean-Claude Dufourd
  • Benoit Pellan
  • Philippe de Cuetos
  • Jonathan Sillan
  • Harlina Daud
  • Daniel Comalrena
  • Stanislas Selle
  • Stéphane Thomas
  • Ayodeji Aribuki
  • Yi-Zhen Zhang
  • Berthele Rodriguez

Additionally, GPAC is used in our school for pedagogical purposes. Students regularly participate in the development of the project. The main students projects which have been contributed to GPAC are:

  • Support for MPEG-2 transport stream (W. Ben Hania)
  • DVB-H simulator (A.-V. Bui, X. Liu, Y. Qiu, H. Chi)
  • MPEG-2 TS Multiplexer with BIFS integration (M.-C. Bogliacino, O. Adam)
  • Browser plugins for mozilla (osmozilla), IE (GPAX) (F. Crockaert, G. Riberon, Y. Xi, X. Zhao)
  • Java integration (N. Nehme)
  • Experimental voice controler based on HTK (L. Laisné)
  • 3D add-ons (M. Chahid and B. Anglaret)
  • Experimental authoring tool (J. Nitard)
  • BIFS Broadcaster (C. Bollengier, P. Tessier, N. Vincent, E. Boustani, E. Ghevre)
  • DVD2MP4 (P.-L. Naud, D. Sokholova, T. Samoussina, E. Gruson, P. Pereira)
  • MPEG-4 BIFS EPG and Widgets (K. Chemouny, E. Labaky)
  • MPEG-4 Player GUI (G. Korngut)
  • Comics using SVG (A. Locquet)
  • Wiimote plugin for GPAC (V. Larrat, G. Quintard)
  • Validation of SVG Playback (A.-F. Païta, M.Z. Sahnoun, P. Besson, N. Cana, M. de Saint Sauveur, K. Benaziza)
  • GPAC and OpenCV (A. Raissoun)
  • VoD portal using MPEG-4 BIFS (A. Chatenoud, C. De Schryver, P. Pillé)
  • Integration of user profiles in GPAC requests (E. Lekka, B. Gregory-Clarke)
  • DRM and Key Managment System (E. Garret, J. Brugier)
  • SVG Streaming (Y. Raimond, L. Iozelli, M. Moschetti)
  • BIFS Tutorial (P.-E. Larrouturou)