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European Projects

  • EIT ICT KIC Labs: ASFW (Jan. 2013 – Dec. 2013); ASF (Jan. 2014 – Dec. 2014)
  • H2B2VS: HEVC Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Video Services, Celtic-Plus CPP2012/1-2, Jan. 2013 – Sept. 2015
  • INTERMEDIA: Interactive Media with Personal Networked Devices, IST 038419, Oct. 2006 – Sept. 2010
  • DANAE: Dynamic and distributed Adaptation of scalable multimedia coNtent in a context-Aware Environment, IST-1-507113, Jan. 2004 – Jun. 2006.
  • TIRAMISU: The Innovative Rights and Access Management Inter-platform SolUtion, IST-2003-506983, Nov. 2003 – Dec. 2005.
  • MELISA: Multiplatform e-Publishing for Leisure and Interactive Sports Advertising, IST-2001-34755, May. 2002 – Jan. 2005.
  • ISIS: Intelligent Scalability for Interoperable Services, IST-2001-37253, Sept. 2002 – Mar. 2004.

French-funded Projects

  • ConvergenceTV:  All-IP broadcast – broadband systems [DGE FUI23 2017-2019]
  • AdicTV:  Head-end and terminal base advertisement personalization in broadcast systems  [DGE FUI20 2015-2018]
  • 4Ever-2 project: HEVC and UHD TV (4K/HFR/HDR) [DGCIS FUI19 2015-2017]
  • Live360TV project: 360 TV video and audio in live broadcast and OTT [DGCIS FUI19 2015-2018]
  • M44G Evo: M44G follow-up focused on low latency, protection and multicast/uniband switching for eMBM [FSN 2014-2016]
  • 4Ever project: HEVC and UHD TV (4K) [DGCIS FUI13 2012-2015]
  • AUSTRAL: Adaptive Streaming & QoS for massive digital TV platforms [DGCIS FUI13 2012-2014]
  • M44G: Multimedia broadcasting for 4G/LTE/eMBMS [FSN 2012-2014]
  • OptiSaT2: Optimized DTH to T2 multiplex conversion and associated services [FUI14 2012-2014]
  • Radio+: Digital Radio Services using MPEG-4 BIFS [ANR 2008-2010] – see demo here.
  • Calder: Mobile 3D [ANR 2009-2011]
  • Pingo: Electronic Program Guides using SVG [DGCIS Cap Digital 2008-2011]
  • HybRadio: Hybrid Delivery of Digital Radio Services [ANR 2010-2012]
  • EndT2End: DVB-T2 Transmission and interactivity [DGCIS Cap Digital Images & Réseaux 2009-2011]
  • OpenHBB: Tools for HBBTV [DGCIS Cap Digital Images & Réseaux 2010-2012]
  • GeoRacing: GPS Trackin & 3D Visualization for outdoor sporting events [ANR 2006-2008] – see demo here.
  • Jemtu: Mobile Gaming
  • TriScope: Auto-stereoscopic Multimedia on Mobile [ANR-RIAM 2006-2008] – see demo here.
  • JEMTU: Gaming on Mobile Phones
  • MP4MC: Mobile Platform For Music Content [ANR-RIAM 2005-2007].

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4EVER-2 consortium presents its research results in UHD-TV phase 2


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