These are screenshots of GPAC showing 2D graphics (cliparts, cartoons), audiovisual content enhanced with synthetic 2D graphics, 3D graphics (Models, Worlds), mixed 2D and 3D graphics…
Most of the content shown here is available for download.
You may also have a look at the different content exposed in the authoring section.

2D Vector Graphics


This content shows a vector graphics clipart translated from SVG into BIFS. The original SVG content is available here.


Another Clipart

This content shows another famos vector graphics clipart, this time in SVG.



A complex set of image transitions in BIFS.


Magnifying Glass

A simple magnifying glass written in BIFS.


Fractal sample

This fractal is made of 2 shapes and a few transforms. This demonstrates that scene complexity is not always related to rendering complexity.


Text and Gradients

Sample Text using gradients, color transform for drop shadow, color transform and transform matrix for ground shadow. Features available in the BIFS specification which includes the Advanced Text and Graphics Amendment.


Text and Objects on a path

This demonstrates how easy positioning of objects and text can be in BIFS.


2D Cartography

Static cartography

This content shows a map of iceland in SVG.

Static Map

Interactive Cartography

This BIFS map gives statistcis on the results of the 2000 US presidential election.

Interactive Map

Screenshots of Games


This bubble blaster game in BIFS using ECMAScript for the game logic.

Game Bubble

Brick Arrange

A brick arrange game developed in BIFS using ECMAScript for the game logic.

Game Arrange

Media Integration


Movie playback with embedded and animated control interface in BIFS.


Video Texturing

In BIFS, videos can also be textured on 2D vectorial shapes.


3D Vector Graphics

Mixed 2D/3D Content

A 2D graphics cartoon, tagged with a spinning, texture-mapped 3D cube, described in BIFS.

Kangaroo 3D

3D Texture Mapping

Another classic VRML sample, with texture mapping (still image and video) on cubes.

Spining Cubes sample

3D objects in 2D scene

The Nefertiti mask with a 2D interface using another Layer3D. The 2D interface doesn’t interfere with the navigation in the 3D scene.

Layer3D #1

Multiple views of a 3D object

The Nefertiti mask under different viewpoints, lighting and background condition. Also note the insertion of the 3D scene between the 2 texts in the same plane.

Layer3D #2

VRML Castle Sample

Flying over a Castle…


VRML Terrain Sample

… or walking the ground.


X3D RGBA Sample

The brand new ColorRGBA from X3D finally allowing per-vertex blending.

X3D RGBA Sample

3D Text

Built-in VRML PROTO in GPAC players: the simplest way to create extruded text ever!

3D Text