GPAC is always on the move. Due to its academic mission, Telecom Paris may have some open positions in its Multimedia Group. And the industry-oriented GPAC Licensing may also offer positions, that won’t be discussed any further in this page.

Telecom Paris Multimedia Group

Our group is working on many topics in the multimedia area. Let’s cite a few of them:

  • Multimedia Systems architecture: Authoring, Delivery and Presentation of Multimedia Services
  • Scalable Coding and Adaptation of Multimedia Information
  • Multimedia Security
  • Distributed Multimedia Services

We are involved in many academic projects (european and french) as well as industrials partnerships. Most of our work is released under LGPL licence, and we are welcoming academics and engineers sharing our vision of open multimedia. Our team is located near Paris, France.

PhDs, Post-Doctorate, Traineeships, Internships …

If you are looking for such a position and are fluent in either english or french, do not hesitate to contact us, our team will be happy to welcome you on board.