GPAC is always on the move. Due to its academic mission, Telecom ParisTech may have some open positions in its Multimedia Group. And the industry-oriented GPAC Licensing may also offer positions, that won’t be discussed any further in this page.

Telecom ParisTech Multimedia Group

Our group is working on many topics in the multimedia area. Let’s cite a few of them:

  • Multimedia Systems architecture: Authoring, Delivery and Presentation of Multimedia Services
  • Scalable Coding and Adaptation of Multimedia Information
  • Multimedia Security
  • Distributed Multimedia Services

We are involved in many academic projects (european and french) as well as industrials partnerships. Most of our work is released under LGPL licence, and we are welcoming academics and engineers sharing our vision of open multimedia. Our team is located in Paris, France.

PhDs, Post-Doctorate, Traineeships …

If you are looking for such a position and are fluent in either english or french, do not hesitate to contact us, our team will be happy to welcome you on board.


The GPAC team is looking for talented and motivated interns, in software or multimedia engineering, with skills in programming (C, C++, JavaScript), Web Technologies (HTML, SVG, CSS, XML),  multimedia (audio, video, streaming, synchronization) and networking (socket, TCP/UDP, HTTP, RTP) to work on the following topics:

  • New in 2017! Next-generation video streaming analyzer (complete description).
  • Experimenting with GPAC and existing browsers (Chrome, Firefox)
    • Integration of GPAC demuxing tools in browsers to improve their MP4 support and to add support for additional media types. Study how to expose timed binary data to Web Applications with synchronization and efficiency constraints (similar to HMTL5 TextTrack).
    • Streaming of SVG: setup of a full vector graphics streaming chain for the Web browsers. Study possible modifications to Web or MPEG technologies.
    • Study and work on the implementation of WebRTC in GPAC and of the associated HTML 5 Track API.
    • Comparison of interactive video capabilities between BIFS in GPAC and HTML5 in modern browsers, including on iOS and Android.
    • Study multi-screen applications and home networking support in browsers, for instance using Network Service Discovery… and work on the production of multi-screen applications for the home, in particular interacting with HbbTV.
  • Improve and extend GPAC basic tools
    • Player tools
      • Work on the recording of the output of GPAC players as a movie (real-time, non-real-time, synchronization constraints, different media types).
      • Develop a freeRDP module to enable the use of GPAC player from a light/mobile device running a RDP client while computations occur on a server. VLC has this feature which is cool.
      • Hardware acceleration on embedded devices (iOS, Android, dev boards).
    • MP4-related tools
      • Adaptive Streaming: Work on an advertisement inserter for fragmented and non-fragmented MP4s.
      • Support for Matroska and WebM as input for MP4Box.
      • Analysis Tools: Develop a visual tool to compare 2 mp4s and to check conformance of an mp4 container
      • Improve the ABI compatibility
    • Platform tools
      • Improve GPAC robustness: experiment with failmalloc and static analysis tools.
      • Improve GPAC testing framework: automate regression testing of interactive content.


Interested candidates should contact: jean dot lefeuvre at telecom – paristech dot fr cyril dot concolato at telecom – paristech dot fr and jean – claude dot dufourd at telecom – paristech dot fr for academic positions, for all positions.