SVC Support in MP4Box

MP4Box can be used to import an Scalable Video Coding (SVC) bitstream into a ISO Base Media file, using the base syntax:

MP4Box -add inputfile:svcmode=MODE outputname.mp4

MODE is one of three values:

  • merged (default mode): the imported file has only one track containing the AVC base layer and all SVC enhancement layers.
  • splitbase: the imported file has two track: the first track contains the AVC base layer and the second track contains all the SVC enhancement layers.
  • splitall: each layer is imported into a separate track.

It is also possible to export the SVC tracks in raw format, using one of two base syntaxes:

  • MP4Box -raw trackID inputfile: all extractors in this track are rewritten; the resulting file will be a compliant decodable AVC/SVC bitstream.
  • MP4Box -raw-layer trackID inputfile: all extractors are skipped, only NALU data is kept; the resulting file will NOT be a compliant decodable AVC/SVC bitstream.


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