DASH Features in GPAC Players

Osmo4 has support for MPEG-DASH and Apple HLS playback.

You can test DASH playback in GPAC using Osmo4/MP4Client. The player supports a good part of the technology:

  • playback from an HTTP(s) server or from local storage for test purposes.
  • Media segments based on TS and ISOBMF, with 3GPP timed text support
  • Multiple period support
  • group selection support
  • independent component download (one adaptation set for audio, one for video)
  • most MPD syntax is supported
  • Bitstream switching mode: multiple SampleDescription are not supported but using coherent (e.g. non-conflicting) SPS/PPS IDs in different representations works.
  • Non Bitstream Switching mode
  • manual quality switching by using ctrl+h and ctrl+l
  • basic automatic quality switching when playing HTTP urls

The dash playback engine is no longer a player module and can be used as part of libgpac to build other clients/downloaders, with the resource downloader/fetcher of your choice. You can get some inspiration looking at the DASH client header


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